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• Another Challenging Year in Store for Ontario Economy, Trucking Industry Issue 19, December 2008. Another challenging year in store for Ontario economy, Trucking Industr, but those who weather current storm will be in good position for when turnaround comes, says OTA president David Bradley as association kicks off 82nd annual convention. Русская версия

• Trucking's Bad Four Letter Words Issue 18, November 2008. This article is by Thomas M. Scopel. American Rig Radio recognized Thomas as "an articulate, thinking professional trucker who happens to have morphed into a writer." He is a regular contributor to an American Chronicle and is currently working on his first novel... Русская версия

• Ice Wine or Ice Trucking. He knows the difference Issue 17, October 2008. Ice Road Truckers – popular movie premiered on History Channel some time ago. It's all about truckers doing their day-by-day job far up north around the Polar Circle, in extreme conditions. Serge Anissimov, owner operator with Multiline Transport, experienced this type of job first hand. He is not yet a movie star; he is rather hero of the following interview. Русская версия

• Multiline Transport is a well run family business Issue 16, September 2008. We introduce you to Canadian trucking company Multiline Transport Ltd. We were talking to co-owners of the company S.Borawski, A.Golygowska and P.Borawski. Русская версия

• Fergus Truck Show 08 Issue 15, August 2008. Fergus Truck Show, with its convincing 23 year success history, truly becomes the leading family entertainment and trucking event in Ontario, Canada and in North America. Русская версия

• Winners are those who put service first Issue 14, July 2008. Arcady Burdo, Insurance and Financial specialist: I like to work with drivers, I share their concerns. Русская версия

• NAL Insurance offers the best coverage available Issue 13, June 2008. Terry Everett, Personal Service Advisor: First of all, we always ask the question: "Can you afford the risk?" People believe insurance is evil with all the ads on TV, insurance companies talk... Русская версия

• Volvo Trucks Canada Inc. thanks customers for their loyalty Issue 12, May 2008. Carol Fawcett, Marketing Manager: We have a large variety of highway tractors from the long haul with 880 and 670 models, right down to the day cab for city and local haulage... Русская версия

• Caravan Logistics GM: There is no "I" in this business, only "We" Issue 11, April 2008. Mr.Kevin Snobel: Oakville is a great place to run trucking business; you get access to the Queen Elizabeth Way and all the major highways. This location is a lot better than... Русская версия

• Indian Trucking Association Issue 10, March 2008. Mr.Nachhattar S. Chohan: Truck drivers from India and Pakistan represent about 60% of Canadian professional drivers' pool in province of Ontario... Русская версия

• Atlantic Gateway has been a part of the business road for many owner operators Issue 9, February 2008. DorogaRoad is still on the quest to bring the information about different trucking companies. This time we visit Serge Chestak, the president of Atlantic Gateway Inc. Русская версия