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    DorogaRoad is a magazine about trucks,
    cars, and ground transportation.
    Published monthly and distributed in the Greater Toronto Area,
    provinces of Ontario and Manitoba.
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About DorogaRoad

DorogaRoad is the first and only newspaper in North America dedicated to transportation and trucking industry in particular, published in English and Russian. It has been created to satisfy growing demand in professional news and information for truck drivers, owner operators, business owners and transportation professionals of Eastern European origin.

DorogaRoad is published monthly by Vankevia Marketing Inc. and distributed free of charge through truck stops, dealerships, repair facilities, community grocery shops etc. throughout Ontario with further distribution to other Canadian provinces and into the USA.

logo It is well known that nowadays in Canadian and the US transportation industries employees of Eastern European origin are significant part of the work force. Most of these people are educated, disciplined and bondable, with strong work ethic. Employers consider them as an asset to the business, recognizing their contribution to company’s efficiency, productivity and overall success. DorogaRoad is able to streamline access to that pool of potential employees for every company in need of transportation professional by delivering message in its audience language.

Another mission of the publication is to promote transportation and trucking in ethnic communities, amid new Canadians by rising prestige bar of the profession of truck driver and other trades.

DorogaRoad readers also have weighty buying power. Today, when mainstream media giants are turning to ethnic communities to target the audience more precisely, - you have an efficient and cost effective alternative.

Whether you an employer in a search for a right employee, or a business owner looking for further market expansion, the shortest way to reach a vast audience of Eastern Europeans in North America, in Canada, in Great Toronto is to place your ad in DorogaRoad!

Our achievements

DR is a proud member of the National Ethnic Press & Media Council of Canada. In 2019 our colleagues from this organization selected DR among the best publication for its contribution to local communities, outstanding design, layouts and awarded the Medal of Recognition.


DorogaRoad – a multicultural monthly trade magazine covering transportation, trucking and automotive in English & Russian. All rights reserved. Contents may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, without prior written concern of the publisher. DorogaRoad is not responsible for the content and style of advertising. The information contained in this publication is in no way to be construed as recommendation by DR of any kind.


DR – член Национального Совета Этнической Прессы и Медиа Канады. Наши коллеги в 2019 году назвали DorogaRoad среди лучших изданий, отметив медалью Признания наш вклад в информирование комьюнити и выдающийся дизайн.

DorogaRoad – ежемесячное двуязычное издание, посвященное вопросам транспорта, всего, что связано с траковым и автомобильным бизнесом. Все права защищены. Редакция не несет ответственности за рекламу. Рукописи редактируются, но не рецензируются и не возвращаются. В номерах использованы материалы как собственных авторов, так и канадских и международных информационных агентств.

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