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Caravan Logistics Inc.

• Issue 54 (12) / December 2011

The Business of Communication

The trucking industry employs millions across North America, however it has become glaringly obvious that there is a significant ongoing shortage of qualified truck drivers over the past few years. Experts in the industry estimate that...

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• Issue 53 (11) / November 2011

How to find a stolen truck in a matter of hours. Self guidance.

What happened to Evgueni and Elena Khlopkovy in Mississauga on a Thanksgiving weekend in October this year, is translated in a short note in constable Sibley's of Peel Region Police report: 12:10 – reported a stolen truck and a loaded trailer...

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• Issue 52 (10) / October 2011

BLM: we deliver what we promise

As DorogaRoad continues to introduce its audience to Ontario trucking companies, we met with Richard Zimmerman, Operations Manager of BLM Transportation Group Inc...

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• Issue 51 (09) / September 2011

Cargo thieves using increasingly sophisticated scams

Thieves are taking cargo thefts to a new level, experts say. In some cases, thieves are impersonating legitimate trucking companies...

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• Issue 50 (08) / August 2011

Where truckers may spend more on vehicles than their homes

Logistics and art may seem like a very unlikely combination, and so it is, with one exception - the country of Pakistan. There, many trucks are literally moving works of art, painted and decorated with loving care and attention for years and years...

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• Issue 49, July 2011.

All Camaro Weekend in Oshawa

It was doors wide open on June 10, 2011 at GM Canada's Oshawa Assembly Plant as over 2,000 enthusiasts from across Canada and the U.S. descended upon Oshawa to visit the official home of the Chevrolet Camaro...

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• Issue 48, June 2011

Best truck in the world – Russian KAMAZ?

It is Kamaz, and to be more precise, a sports truck of this Russian brand, has become a gold winner of the DAKAR rally for the tenth time over the past 15 years!

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• Issue 47, May 2011.

Truckers! You're about to learn how to save $200 per day at the pump!

These days when gas prices are skyrocketing, drivers are looking for any possible way to reduce gas consumption: from small things like maintaining proper pressure in tires, avoiding unnecessary trips...

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• Issue 46, April 2011.

Scientists for truckers. Useful data from Manitoba

Manitoba Transport Institute and TransCore Link Logistics recently released preliminary findings from a joint research project looking at Canadian trucking and logistics trends using TransCore's LoadLink freight-matching data...

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• Issue 45, March 2011.

Toronto Auto Show: Between Recession and Upturn

An overall impression: it is relatively quiet on the auto "battlefront". Obviously, the world auto industry oriented for North America's market still keeps balancing between recession and upturn...

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• Issue 44, February 2011.

The Challenger's Beer Route

Canadian beer company MOLSON COORS commissioned transport company Challenger to carry out a unique road operation to transport and deliver six huge steel fermenter tanks measuring 150 feet (50 m) by 24 (8 m) feet by 25 feet (8,3m)...

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• Issue 43, January 2011.

Road Warrior: Leave the roof ice on and you'll pay a price

Some American states, New Jersey in particular, introduced a new law that gives authorities the power to fine drivers of private cars and commercial trucks for not removing show and ice from their moving vehicle...

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