Cindy, July 2014

Claire, July 2013

Alyssa, June 2013

Andrena K, October 2012

Cynthia, September 2012

Kristina, August 2012

Mary, July 2012

Danielle, October 2011

Amanda, September 2011

Sara, August 2011

Ksenia, July 2011

Inessa, June 2011

Kai, September 2010

Rachel, August 2010

Jessica, July 2010

Alexandra, June 2010

Sunnie, May 2010

Valentina, April 2010

Erina, September 2009

Sarah, August 2009

Eva, July 2009

Elena, June 2009


• What she does? I am a full-time Actress/Model. I produce a web-series entitled Starvival which involves me scouting Craigslist for the oddest jobs I can find, applying under a fake name, then secretly filming the gig under disguise with a hidden cam. ;) hehe.
• What she loves? Acting is my passion. I love working out and walking around aimlessly then nestling in a park to "people watch". Dancing makes me the happiest and a good beer on a rooftop patio is always a good time!
• What she dreams of? I dream of moving to Los Angeles with my web-series and like every Actress, I got the typical dream of standing on stage accepting my Oscar.

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