Cindy, July 2014

Claire, July 2013

Alyssa, June 2013

Andrena K, October 2012

Cynthia, September 2012

Kristina, August 2012

Mary, July 2012

Danielle, October 2011

Amanda, September 2011

Sara, August 2011

Ksenia, July 2011

Inessa, June 2011

Kai, September 2010

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Jessica, July 2010

Alexandra, June 2010

Sunnie, May 2010

Valentina, April 2010

Erina, September 2009

Sarah, August 2009

Eva, July 2009

Elena, June 2009

Valentina, 23 years old

What she does? I am a student, studying Financial Service Management; also I work as a Service Coordinator at my school. During free time I like doing different and adventurous things that make me happy and leave memories.


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What she loves? I love my family, friends, my life and I enjoy every moment of it.
What she dream of? I dream of a successful career in the financial industry. I also dream of having my own unique magazine for women, different from everything that is on the market right now.

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