Issue 3(22) / April 2009

Arrow Truck Sales is a great place to buy used truck

Arrow Truck Sales is a great place to buy used truck

DorogaRoad paid a visit to Valentine Gordon at Arrow Truck Sales, popular used trucks dealership in Mississauga, Ontario.
Arrow Truck Sales  is a great place to buy used truck

DorogaRoad: Valentine, you are well known in the GTA Russian community as a Volvo cars sales specialist and here you are selling trucks. Why did you switch from car to truck-sales?

Valentine Gordon: In fact, I had two main reasons for that. First, it was a lack of interest in vehicles from the public due to absence of attractive car leasing programs. I used to work in downtown where people usually prefer to get cars on lease. Bad economy situation in general is also added to that grim car sales and leasing picture. At the same time, Arrow Truck Sales company was looking for Russian speaking sales representative to work in their truck sales department. These days truck sales, especially used trucks sales business is in better shape than auto sales business. So, the company invited me to work for them and made me an offer I could not refuse.

DorogaRoad: Your ad on the first page of DorogaRoad states that Arrow Truck Sales, the company that you represent, has its only Canadian office in Mississauga, Ontario. Is it really the only Canadian office?

Valentine Gordon: Indeed, it is. The company has much wider presence in US. Currently there are 17 offices across America and the number is growing. This year they added three offices so far. We can clearly see that while sales of brand new Volvo trucks dropped quite substantially sales of the used ones is on the rise. Arrow Truck Sales is a Volvo Group company, since we sell mostly used Volvo trucks. The company remains strong and optimistic even during these challenging times.

DorogaRoad: You just mentioned that sales on new trucks dropped while sales of used trucks have increased. Do you have any thoughts as to why this is happening?

Valentine Gordon: I think that considering the crisis we are all going through, people feel uncertain about their future and choose to invest as little as possible and conduct their business with minimum investment. Therefore, buying a used truck in good shape is not a bad business idea. As everyone is probably aware, one distinct aspect of cars and trucks is that they are greatly depreciate during the first two-three years of usage, but later on their value does not drop so dramatically. Used trucks are at bargain prices right now.

DorogaRoad: How many trucks do you sell on average per month?

Valentine Gordon: The quantity greatly depends on the season. For example, in January 09 we sold about 30 trucks retail into Toronto market and that number continues to increase. Besides, Arrow Truck Sales also acts as wholesale truck reseller to large companies. If we consider those sales as well, then the number will jump by at least 50%.

DorogaRoad: As I am aware, there are a few special sales programs attractive to the truckers running at Arrow, can you provide some details?

Valentine Gordon: Indeed, there are a few special programs for different buyers like Owner Operator Development Programs, Special Packages for Wholesale Exporters, Fleet Upgrade etc. I am urging potential customers to call us in order to find more details about these and other great programs. Meanwhile I could mention widely advertised Arrow promotion stating that one can get fully equipped 2005 Volvo 670 (with sleeper berth and other features) by paying $3500 deposit and then only $955/month.

DorogaRoad: What else can you tell your potential customers about your company and its products?

Valentine Gordon: I would like to say that Arrow Truck Sales is a great place to buy used trucks. For anybody and especially for truck drivers who want to become owner operators. For a driver who has some professional experience, say two or three years, buying a truck and becoming an owner operator is a good idea since income increases substantially. In addition, many companies hire owner operators only in order to cut their own expenses. Therefore, if you are looking to buy a truck, then you may be able to kill two birds with one stone by getting better job and making more money at the same time.
In addition, it is worth to mention that we are not selling used Volvo trucks alone. We sell other brands as well, such as Freightliner, Western Star and others. We get them mostly when someone trades his truck for a Volvo one. In addition, customer can also order a truck through us. If a driver knows exactly what kind of truck he is looking for, then he can come and simply order it.
According to statistics, 60% of the trucks we sell are Volvo, while the other 40% are of other brands. So feel free to visit us even if you are looking not for a Volvo truck. I would also like to invite to Arrow everybody who is buying trucks in order to ship them overseas. We have special programs for such buyers and very special prices. About 30% of our wholesale sales are trucks that purchased for export. I did help my buyers ship a few trucks to Russia and Ukraine myself.

DorogaRoad: Thank you, Valentine. Everyone who is interested can reach Valentine by calling 1 800 794 8627 at Arrow Truck Sales or e-mail him [email protected].

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