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MEGA MOTORS treats truckers as family members.
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MEGA MOTORS treats truckers as family members. (Trucking garage and maintenance shop in Concord, Ontario)

Sadly enough, the warranty on a purchased truck usually expires long before the owner would want it to, so the vehicle owner should consider post-warranty service maintenance and upcoming repairs for the truck, as it is an important element of his continuous, uninterrupted work on the heavy-duty vehicle. One should approach this matter seriously enough, because pre-trip truck maintenance will give you more confidence, ensures a relatively problem-free ride, as well as saves money on possible repairs en route and spare you scale fines. A responsible truck driver doesn’t need to be reminded that a truck, as opposed to a passenger vehicle, is a money making tool, and if the truck is idling, trucker doesn’t make money.
MEGA MOTORS treats truckers as family members. It is very important to select a suitable truck maintenance garage where you would be able to get the entire spectrum of services in a professional environment for a decent rate. It is also quite important that the shop personnel could understand you even if your English isn’t your first language. So you can communicate your concerns in your mother tongue. Then such a garage becomes kind of a second home to you and your heavy vehicle, and you suddenly found the need to visit it much more often than you initially thought. There are a number of reasons, one of them being that you should always remember that any repairs on the road, outside your home area, will cost you significantly more, will wreck your schedule and make you rather nervous.

Besides, you should not forget about various scales where they will most probably want to check you at any time of a day or night. It is well known that all drivers without exception working in the trucking business start panicking when yellow flashing lights of the scales station illuminate in sight. It is an invitation you can’t reject. To pass the scale and not to be thoroughly checked, and, as such, not to be fined in 90% of cases, is like to die and then to be born again. So, a regular inspection of you truck, your buddy and faithful friend on the road, will allow you in most cases to avoid an uncompromising and disappointing analysis done by a meticulous inspector at the scale station. You know that the scale staff have a gut feeling and discover any blunder of yours. They will professionally “scan” your logbook and find any mismatch or inaccuracy in your data, time discrepancies and so on, and will phenomenally able to find smallest deficiencies in truck maintenance. For example, one headlight lamp which went out (and there is no way to prove it went out an hour or two ago, in a daylight), a loose wire in the depth of the truck undercarriage, slightly off brake adjustment and so on. This all will add excitement to the inspector’s job, while you will be obliged to pay a fine for these seemingly “insignificant” details, which may be as high as $500. In addition your CVOR will carry “black” records for as long as five years, while you may not be aware of it, and will learn this disappointing news when you apply for a new job and get the most up to date version of your CVOR. And such a “record” is not a helpful factor when you are looking for a new, decent job. That is why truck maintenance should not be overlooked, but rather be among priorities to keep your vehicle running – it is like starting you day with brushing your teeth.

No doubt, full service maintenance might be provided to your truck only at a solid truck shop, that are not in abundance in Toronto, and with the Russian-speaking staff are even less in numbers. It is not an easy business, and it is not suitable for everyone. It is not simple to receive necessary licenses, permits, observe a number of ecological requirements on the part of the Ministry of Transportation and the local municipalities, including installation and maintenance of costly purification equipment.

“We did it long time ago”, says Valerian Gourski, Mega Motors President. “The company has been in the business since 2001. After five years of existence we turned into a fully loaded repair facility and start to offer a wide range of services. We maintain the vehicles’ reliability reserve for their accident-free ride; essentially we ensure drivers’ uninterrupted work. A truck’s safety is born in the shop, and these are not just words. Truck owners should plan regular service maintenance, ideally after each trip.

Today MEGA MOTORS garage holds a strong position in the trucking service field. Its advantages are evident; it is a modern, very well equipped and dynamic shop that provides to its customers all types of internal and bodywork, diagnostics, technical maintenance and repairs for practically all trucks, trailers and refrigerator models and brands. Here they will change your truck’s oil, supply any necessary detail or a spare part, quickly and at a low price will repair plastic parts of the truck body, including fenders, hood, bumper, etc. The garage also restores post-accident trucks. All the work is done by certified mechanics only. The garage owns a large yard and is located in the industrial area of Concord, Ontario, on the land of about eight thousand sq.ft.

The garage mainly specializes in engine repairs. Using special computerized equipment to diagnose the engine, specialists will scan the functioning of all its parts. This service will be provided by MEGA MOTORS at a substantially lesser cost than at the dealer facility. All works are done fast, of a high quality, with a guarantee. For drivers’ convenience they can do an Emission Test right on the spot, at the garage. Currently MEGA MOTORS maintains and takes care of about 1000 trucks.

Besides, the garage has the newest version of laser equipment that allow accurately align the wheels, adjusting front and rear axle alignment, and a bogey of the trailer. It improves the ease of truck steering, extends service life of tires, and further results in safer driving. It is advisable to check and adjust these parameters every year. Please pay attention! The garage will help you extend your tires’ life – they can thread a new protector by using a new technology of deepening rubbed off tire grooves, that will add another 50 thousand miles to the life span of the tire. This procedure is officially approved and there is a stamp on the tires indicating maximum allowable protector depth. Please come by!

An important detail! MEGA MOTORS regular customers receive bonuses in the form of installment payments, usually within 30-90 days. It is very convenient to pay for the service by installments; everyone knows that you cannot receive such a gift from a dealer – you will have to pay the entire cost of repairs at once, and only then you will get back your truck’s keys.

We invite owner-operators and fleets to a regular service maintenance at our shop!

Our address: 196 Bradwick Dr. Concord, ON, L4K 1K8 (HWY 7/Centre St.)
Tel. 905-532-0420


VPA GROUP Inc. Vyacheslav Poltavsky, President
We have worked together for five years. I like it that MEGA MOTORS always accommodates customers’ needs. After each trip we take the trucks to the garage for inspection, and they will always identify and eliminate any malfunctions which may lead to potential troubles on the road. The garage helps us save on parts replacement and avoid expensive repairs outside home territory. South of the border the cost of any repair or parts replacement is significantly higher than in Canada. Thanks to MEGA MOTORS my fleet is always in good working condition.

CONROY TRUCKING Inc. Andrey Tsarev, President
Our companies have built a long-term comfortable relationship. MEGA MOTOS is our beneficial and reliable partner. The shop provides good service and gives loans for repairs. Hence, our trucks have fewer problems on the road. Far away from Toronto, any problem with a truck or a trailer ends up with additional expenses for the company.

TRANSAM Inc. Yury Protas, President
We appreciate our long-term partnership. We receive here fast and quality repairs. The service is of high quality, plus they have an advantageous credit program – we pay by installments, it is every company manager’s dream. At the beginning we tried to get services from another company, but have tried it… and returned back to MEGA MOTORS. We were convinced that MEGA MOTORS is a company that providing good services at a fair price.

WESTTRANSAUTO Inc. Mikhail Drozdov, President
We have worked with MEGA MOTORS for seven years. It speaks highly of the company. We always receive professional, quality service. We appreciate the company’s caring attitude and highly professional staff.

By Larissa Maslova

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OMVIC Charges Orangeville Car Dealer and Two Salespeople with Unfair Practice.

In March 2010, the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (OMVIC) received a complaint from a woman on how she had been treated unfairly at an Orangeville car dealership. OMVIC investigated allegations that the woman, who is unemployed and receiving a disability pension, had purchased a used car in December 2009 from the dealer, paying well in excess of the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price for a new vehicle of same make and model.

The woman was also allegedly sold several extra products and services with the car, for more than double the price that similar products are widely available from other car dealers. It is further alleged the customer was not reasonably able to protect her own interests with regard to entering into a long-term contract for a car loan at the dealership. The car loan was amortized over 96 months with a final payment remaining at the end of the term of over $7,000.

As result of the investigation, a company and two men have been charged with "engaging in unfair practice by making an unconscionable representation", contrary to the Consumer Protection Act, 2002:

1. MAZDA for ORANGEVILLE, 753007 2nd Line, Orangeville
2. Kien TRUNG, 38 years, of Beakes Cr., Vaughan
3. Mohammed SHAIKH, 46 years, of Clipperton Dr., Mississauga

The company and two men have been summoned to appear before the Ontario Court of Justice in Orangeville on May 12, 2010.


OMVIC licenses and regulates motor vehicle dealers in Ontario and enforces the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act on behalf of the Minister of Consumer Services. OMVIC's mandate is to maintain a fair, safe and informed marketplace by ensuring registration of dealers and salespersons, inspecting dealerships, maintaining a complaint line for consumers, conducting investigations and enforcing the Act and its associated rules and regulations. OMVIC is also responsible for administering the Motor Vehicle Dealers Compensation Fund on behalf of a Board of Trustees.