Issue 7(15) / August 2008

Fergus Truck Show 08
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"Fergus Truck Show 08"

They say “All roads lead to Rome”. This is true about Fergus Truck Show for every buddy trucker in Ontario. Actually, not just for a trucker only any more. Fergus Truck Show, with its convincing 23 year success history, truly becomes the leading family entertainment and trucking event in Ontario, Canada and in North America. Wayne Billings, Chief Operations Officer of Fergus Truck Show squeezed a few minutes in his busy schedule on a show grounds to answer a couple of DorogaRoad questions.
Fergus Truck Show 08

DorogaRoad: There are few truck shows in Ontario but Fergus Truck Show stands alone. How did it gain its popularity?
Wayne Billings: It has become popular not just as a truck show. We offer so much more, a lot of entertainment – this year we have eight music show participating about 16 Canadian classic rock and country music stars and bands, we have truck and tractor pulling all weekend, we have demolition derby. This year we expanded entertainment Family Fun Zone and brought whole amusement ride system. We also pleased with the added participation of “Trucking for Wishes” in Family Fun Zone. All proceeds from the Family Fun Zone go to the “Trucking for Wishes” Children’s Foundation. In addition, we offer camping for 400 sites. This is truly a family event and we expecting to entertain many families.

DorogaRoad: Still, it is primarily recognized as a truck show. These days, however is not the best time around for the trucking industry. Has this had an affect on your show?
Wayne Billings: We definitely feel it. Our sponsorship is down for about hundred thousands compare to the last year budget, truck entries are down by 25% and trade entries down by about a half in comparison with last year. Hopefully that next year we will be able to bounce back from the decline but in the meantime, show goes on! I am sure everybody will have great time while attending this year show.

DorogaRoad: Thank you for your time, Wayne.

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