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• Issue 110 • November 2016

"Beaver" speaks many languages


Come to Beaver Truck Centre and we’ll find you the right truck at the right price.

ДорогаRoad Magazine. Current Issue
ДорогаRoad Magazine. Issue 110 • November 2016

Doroga Road: Last year I witnessed the opening event of the new Beaver Truck Centre dealership in Brandon, Manitoba and I had the chance to interview the owner Barry Searcy. Barry said that he was grateful to his staff and that his success came from the hard work of each and every employee at his dealership.

DR: Stefan, l should say that you have picked the right company to work for, haven’t you?

Stefan Kin: Yes, l have. I used to work for Beaver Truck Centre in 2013 – 2014 and I was happy with both the work environment and management. They know what they are doing by investing in the staff and the dealership’s development, while maintaining a healthy and pleasant place to work. I feel I am a good fit here.

DR: Could you please tell me a little about yourself and why you decided to start selling trucks?

SK: I came to Canada in 2004, trained and worked for my CDL and became an owner-operator. The economy wasn’t bad at that time and sooner than later I turned out to be an owner of a small trucking company. I owned six trucks all purchased from Beaver Truck Centre. In 2008 when the economy turned sour everything changed and l had to sell all my trucks except for one. As you can see, I had built a good relationship with Beaver. One day, their sales manager Doug Haimes asked me “why don’t you join the dealership and try to sell trucks?” I didn’t hesitate; l rolled up my sleeves and started working in their Sales department.

DR: You mentioned that you know both Russian and German. Where did you learn these languages?

SK: I immigrated to Canada from Germany where I lived and worked for ten years. Before that I was living in Kazakhstan where Russian is widely spoken. I was also involved in the trucking business working as a driver first and later becoming a workshop manager. In the ‘90s I had my own KamAZ (Russian truck brand, DR) and was working as an owner operator.

DR: What kind of truck model range does Beaver Truck Centre offer to its Customers in Brandon and Winnipeg?

SK: We offer many different models of Volvo trucks and offer many various specifications. When l started my sales career, l noticed that many drivers were driving trucks with applications that didn’t match the freight they were pulling. In other words, some were driving heavy duty trucks but towing light tandem trailers. While others tried to haul heavy loads with a truck that should run with tandems only.

We offer various options, all focusing on fuel economy. I think the models with the XE Package ”Down Speeding” option are the most popular. They have now been in production for a few years and have already won a lot of awards, including best fuel economy. To date the XE Package is one of the most popular specs for Volvo Trucks. Many drivers who were skeptical in the beginning are now committed to having this option in their trucks today. The XE Packages come in both 425 & 455HP engines, an overdrive I-shift transmission and a special software program with lower RPM. The lower RPM allows the truck to do 60 mph at only 1100 RPM, and comes in either a 2.64 or 2.79 axle ratio and low-profile/low rolling resistance tires. Drivers who run such trucks are very happy with the outcome and do not even consider other options. Or other brands for that matter.

We also offer Volvo models with 2 types of 6x2 configurations 1 options is called “Adaptive Loading which is a pusher with a lift axle & also a Tag axle with electronic suspension which currently is our most popular 6x2 configuration. What people like about a 6x2 is that its 450 – 500 lbs. lighter than a regular truck and offers 1.5 – 2 % better fuel economy couple that with the XE package and the benefits are even greater if the driver is properly trained in using this spec to its full potential.

DR: It seems that if someone needs a truck, the best thing to do is come and see you for the one with the right combination of engine, transmission etc. Also, depending on where they will be working and what kind of loads he or she is going to haul, right?

SK: Exactly. Proper package of specs is crucial when looking at purchasing either a new or used truck. It can not only save you money & headaches but also put more money in your pocket by lowing operating costs.

DR: Stefan, can you tell me about the financial side, what kind of finance and leasing programs do you offer?

SK: My Finance manager works closely with Volvo Financial Services and other quality lenders to get you behind the wheel of your truck with competitive rates and flexible terms. We can also provide insurance options to protect your investment and payments.

DR: The number of options are quite wide?

SK: Absolutely. With on-site financing, we can provide you a one stop shopping solution. We can do lease to own or do a loan depending on the customer’s preference. Our customers can also deal with their domestic banks if they prefer. Always a good idea to check these options with their accountant to ensure the best choice is made for them.

DR: Stefan, I’ve heard numerous positive feedback from operators about the dealerships mechanics. Some Ontario-based operators prefer to fix their trucks only in your shop. This is due to the high level of customer service and the mechanics experience. I guess such a good reputation also helps you with sales?

SK: It does. We have many highly experienced technicians who know how to fix all aspects of trucks mainly due to the continuous training and improving their skills.

DR:: We are almost done Stefan, maybe there’s something I’ve forgotten to ask you, or you’d like to ask something while inviting your potential customers to the Beaver dealerships in Winnipeg and Brandon?

SK: I should say that many people call just to ask how much a truck costs. There is nothing wrong with that, however, it’s not an easy question to answer right away. Each truck and its specifications can be assessed in different ways. Every customer is unique, which is the reason why the best solution is to come to the dealership and discuss the details right here in our office. We can provide truck pricing with many different options to fit all customer needs. Sometimes people say it’s quite expensive to buy a truck from us and that they can buy cheaper somewhere else. However, when we compare truck specs and other options “apples to apples” it becomes obvious that the statement is false. Come to Beaver Truck Centre and we’ll find you the right truck at the right price.

DR: Thank you Stefan. You could reach Stefan at 1 204 381 7093.

By Serge Vankevich