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When nitrogen is better than the air. The secret of the Green Cap.
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When nitrogen is better than the air. The secret of the Green Cap.

We are talking to Konstantin Leonov from The Tire Domain - a well known tire company in the GTA. The company has lately started offering a new service to its customers: pumping car and truck tires with nitrogen.
When nitrogen is better than the air. The secret of the Green Cap. DorogaRoad: Konstantin, they used to pump tires with air, and there were no problems. Why did they decide that pumping with nitrogen is better?
Konstantin Leonov: Because earlier we didn’t know about nitrogen advantages. Actually, it’s not quite right. For instance, airplane chassis’ tires had been pumped with nitrogen for a long time. It’s just that this technology recently became available not only to aviation but also to every car owner or trucker, and information is becoming more widespread and available.

When nitrogen is better than the air. The secret of the Green Cap. DorogaRoad: Please, share this information with our readers.
Konstantin Leonov: With pleasure. Nitrogen has several advantages over air in our particular case, and I will try to list them all. The facts I’ll share with you were confirmed by multiple studies that are widely known.

Firstly, the tire’s “lifespan” increases by 25-50%. Imagine how much you can save on tires. It is achieved due to nitrogen’s ability to keep the wheel away from warming up too much during driving, as it happens with air. I’ll give you an example: it is thought that on average a commercial truck’s tire should run 270 thousand miles over its service life. Even at a conservative estimate, by considering a 25% increase in service life we will get a mileage of 337, 5 thousand miles. In money terms it gives a saving of $120 per one tire. You can imagine how much a trucking company owner can save by pumping trailers and truckers’ tires with nitrogen. Even for a car owner the savings are evident.

Secondly, the set tire pressure holds far longer, approximately four times as long as in tires pumped with air.

Thirdly, it was also proofed that fuel consumption decreases, the car becomes 3-4% more economically efficient. The numbers may not seem so big but take fuel and diesel prices into consideration, the car’s services life, and you will see substantial savings.

Fourthly, wheel rims are almost not prone to rust, their service life significantly increases.

Fifthly, (and someone may call this advantage most important) your more fuel efficient car or truck, will contribute less to environmental pollution by releasing less greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Sixthly, the statistics claim that the number of emergency situations on the roads (for example, a tire blew out) decreases by 80%.

DorogaRoad: Konstantin, it all sounds convincing – how much does it cost to pump a simple 4-wheel sedan with nitrogen? Do you use a special compressor?
Konstantin Leonov: Yes, of course, we invested a considerable amount of funds in a nitrogen compressor, and special filters. However, as usual, we are trying to keep our prices as low as possible. This service costs only $10 per tire. If a customer buys tires from us, this service is free.

DorogaRoad: And what about green caps?
Konstantin Leonov: It’s simple. In order to identify tires pumped with nitrogen from those pumped with the air, we cover the valve stem by a green cap.

DorogaRoad: Konstantin, thank you for the interesting and useful information. We only need to remind DorogaRoad readers the telephone numbers of The Tire Domain company: 416 884 8045; 905 532 9277.

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Arrow Celebrates 60th Anniversary As Used Truck Industry Leader

Arrow Truck Sales, Inc. is celebrating its 60th year as the premier retailer of used, heavy and medium duty trucks and trailers in North America. The company was founded in April, 1950 as a small used truck lot in Kansas City, MO. by business partners Jerry Nerman and the late Melvin Spitcaufsky. They started their dealership with a total investment of $8,000 between the two partners. Arrow has since grown and prospered into 19 retail stores located in the US and Canada – including the recent opening of two new retail stores in Denver and Minneapolis. They carry a diverse inventory of 2,500 units of all makes and models and offer a variety of value-add services. Visit to learn more about Arrow.

In the 50s and 60s, the company did well, primarily wholesaling trucks. By the early 70s, business had expanded rapidly. Current headquarters in Kansas City, MO was built in 1977. In the early 1980s, the federal government deregulated trucking lines which led to a major shakeout in the industry, providing another huge boost to the company’s wholesale business. Entry into the retail business took place in the 1980s, and the first retail store opened in Atlanta, GA in 1984. In 1990, Arrow launched its own finance company, Transport Funding. The Volvo Group purchased 50% ownership of the company in November, 1998 and completed acquisition in January 2001. Carl Heikel was named CEO and President in 2004, and continues in that role today.

In February of this year, founder Jerry Nerman celebrated his 90th birthday and announced that he was retiring after 60 years. Asked why he was now retiring, Jerry quipped “to pursue other interests,” which includes dedicating more time to his vast, contemporary art collection and being more involved with the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art on the Johnson County Community College campus in Overland Park, KS. Among Jerry’s many accomplishments in the trucking industry is helping to found the Used Truck Association (UTA). “It’s truly amazing, and even a bit humbling, to realize where Arrow started as a company, and see where we are today,” commented Carl Heikel, President & CEO. “Our success and growth through the years is a direct reflection of our dedicated people, quality products, exceptional customer satisfaction and perseverance in an extremely competitive industry.” Carl added, “Ironically, Volvo was founded in the same month as Arrow, although just 23 years earlier – April, 1927.”

To celebrate this important milestone, a number of corporate and branch events will take place, including customer and vendor appreciation events this summer in Arrow’s headquarters town of Kansas City. Special finance and promotional programs are also being developed to celebrate the momentous event.